Gateway for connecting radio sensors and control by IR in the 1-M system Smart House.

Receiving and transmitting by radio channel up to 1 GHz
Control of household appliances by IR
Allows extending the coverage of the RF and IR network.

As a central controller, you can currently use a Nanoserver, a Windows-based PC or a standard router with the 1-M Core installed.

RF- Radio Frequency Communication

Interoperability with radio sensors and devices with frequencies of 315, 433, 434, 868 MHz is provided.
The user specifies the priority frequency for receiving from the set of standard: 315, 433, 434, 868 MHz. Any frequency from the available range can be used for transmission.

IR - Infrared Communication

Built-in 5 multidirectional infrared LEDs allow maximum coverage of the room when playing the IR command of household appliances control.
The transmission of scanned commands at carrier frequencies of 35 ... 50 kHz is ensured. The carrier frequency is customized by the user individually for each command. The default is 38 kHz.
The built-in IR receiver provides scanning commands from the device consoles for later playback.

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Gate 1М Gate100-5

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