About Us

The Smart House system has become available to everyone!

The purpose of project is to give the user the opportunity to independently make his home more comfortable, more economical and safer, spending at least a minimum of effort and money.

To this end, we developed a multi-standard home management platform - 1-M Smart House.

Схема умный дом

Platform 1-M is like a LEGO constructor for your Home.

Our project is able to combine sensors and devices from different manufacturers into a single system, and the cloud service allows you to configure the operation of this system for your needs, set scenarios and rules for automatic interaction between devices, monitor their operation, take into account and optimize energy consumption, etc.

Following the scenarios, the system is able to perform routine operations automatically or at the touch of a button.

We have developed a special mobile application that allows you to turn your smartphone or tablet into a universal home control panel.

The use of meteorological forecasts, location data of family members, sunset / dawn time in scenarios creates unique opportunities for adaptive regulation of all subsystems in your home: from lighting to heating.

As the central controller of the Smart House, a device with an integrated software core 1-M Core is used.

It can be an ordinary router, PC or our economical controller - Nanoserver.